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The Ram Perspective:
Tips to Live By
October 21, 2014
By 3rd Grader JJ

     Today, I will tell you why people are bullying. Based on what I know, people are broken down a
nd they want other people to feel the same. I wish people who bully would know it won't take them anywhere. If someone is broken down will you be kind and be their friend? People who bully just get worse and worse. The next thing you know is that nobody is their friend. If you're a bully reading this I hope you change.
    Some quick tips to remember:tag
         - Share kind words with each other
         - Don't bully
         - Share with others
         - Do not kick classmates
         - Watch where you are going
         - Be polite

A Study in Sarcasm
'Pain and Errors' or Physical Education

November 1, 2014

By 6th Grader AD & Contributors

     Have you ever wished that the class of Physical Education in schools could be a student choice versus an academic requirement? Well, in this month’s Roosevelt Ram Perspective, I would like to make the case for PE choice. If band and choir are at the discretion of students, then shouldn’t PE be discretionary as well? Building muscles and increasing lung capacity should not be forced upon me. I choose the life of lard.
     On the simplest level, I simply disdain running and jumping; being jostled about is not my forte. Physical activity for myself is falling into bed; soaring across the couch; and/ or lifting the fork from the dessert dish. You must understand that a person like me lacks the physical prowess and agility to succeed in PE. The voices in my head are telling me I can’t do it.

     Superheroes love PE and they should, but sidekicks like me would prefer a choice. How many times must I be creamed by a dodgeball or struggle to keep my lungs in my chest cavity? With great lard comes great obesity. I propose another alternative to PE: naptime.

winnie     My teacher has angry eyebrows now. Apparently, he has just finished reading my paper through Google Docs. His response, “You are
not Winnie the Pooh!” 


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