The Ram Perspective:
'Back-to-School Reality'

August 28, 2014

By 6th Grader HLC

     On the first week of school, it was all about learning the rules. My teacher was showing the new students in his class all around the room. The first day was a piece of cake. My brain was a train running on full speed. It took awhile for me to access all of my 5th grade knowledge.
     The second week of school was a lot of review to get our brains started up. My hand was like a cheetah on the paper. The blue sky and green grass were calling me during our 15 minute recess. The classroom was a nice place to learn. The teacher also started seatwork
and DOL (Daily Oral Language).
     By the third week, things were still getting a lot more complicated. I've finally joined band and go
bandt to hear what a lot of different instruments sound like. So far, this has been an amazing experience.


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